Update From the Writing Desk

Read below for an update from Aria on the release of Book 3 in the Heroes of the Trojan War Series.   Dear Readers, First off – Thank You! The outpouring of support and love for this series has been tremendous. Since The Princess of Sparta hit the press in 2014, we’ve had over 30,000 copies printed or downloaded. It has been well received by a wide array of reviewers, and…Keep Reading

5 Star Review for Princess of Prophecy – Kindle Book Reviews

The ARC reviews are rolling in… here is the latest 5 star feedback from the Kindle Book Reviews! Not Homer’s Troy “This is not a re-telling of Homer’s poem about Helen of Troy! In this story, Paris has rescued Helen from abuse at the hands of her husband and his brother, and he is taking her home, to Troy. A need for provisions forces them to dock in Egypt. The…Keep Reading

First Review in for The Princess of Prophecy!

From blogger Jessica Lynn at Chronicles of a Book Nerd: In Volume II of this saga, we follow the lovers as they make their escape from Mycenae to Troy. Desperate to make it there before Menelaus and Agamemnon can catch up with them, Paris and Helen find themselves in a precarious position when they are delayed in Egypt after attempting to stop for supplies. With the death of Pharaoh eminent,…Keep Reading

Congrats to our Goodreads Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to Heather, Daniel and Amand for winning the Goodreads Giveaway. We’ll be shipping out Advanced Reader Copies of “The Princess of Prophecy” to you this week. Our winners came from California and North Carolina. For those back east, we hope it makes for some good, cold weather reading!by

Princess of Sparta on Bestseller list on Amazon!!!

Princess of Sparta on Bestseller list on Amazon!!!

Hey folks, I’ll be blogging about this experience in the weeks to come, so this is just a short update on the promo in progress. This morning we launched a BookBub promo, offering The Princess of Sparta up for free until Friday Jan 30th (Click here for the Deal). In a few short hours we’ve had thousands of downloads and jumped to #1 on Amazon in the Ancient World Historical…Keep Reading

Update on Book 2!

Dear friends, family and fans! Book two in the series “The Princess of Prophecy” is complete. I was hoping for a fall 2014 publication date, but we’ve run into some scheduling issues with the publisher. Rest assured, the book is finished and edited. We are just waiting on a few items, like getting advanced readers out and the final cover art. On the plus side, for the handful of people…Keep Reading

Exclusive interview in the Ventana Monthly!

I’m tickled pink to announce that I am the August profile article in the Ventana Monthly! For those not in Ventura County, the Ventana Monthly is a posh community magazine that highlights local artists, business owners and other “high society” stuff! Ventana publishes nonfiction articles on a variety of topics related to our tagline: “Fine Living in Ventura County.” We prefer stories that are sophisticated and tightly focused. Our readership is…Keep Reading

“The Princess of Sparta” Eligible for a Red Carpet Review Award from BTS Book Reviews!

“The Princess of Sparta” Eligible for a Red Carpet Review Award from BTS Book Reviews!

After receiving a 4 star review from BTS Books, we are eligible for a Red Carpet Review Award! BTSeMag has been reviewing and discovering quality works of fiction since 2011. Check out a segment of their praise for “The Princess of Sparta” below and visit their site to read more: Aria Cunningham presents the coming-of-age of a character often portrayed as a mere pawn in the wars of men and…Keep Reading

5 Star Review from Portland Book Review!

Looks like Oregonians love The Princess of Sparta! Check out the latest review by Kim Heimbuch: The Princess of Sparta is the perfect blend of history, romance, and action giving this book a broader reach with readers. The characters come alive in this forlorn world of long ago as they share their joy, pain, and struggles. Once you pick this book up, there’s no turning back or putting it down!…Keep Reading

Write up in VC Star for event this Saturday!

As a Ventura County native, I am stoked to be doing my first VC book signing at Bank of Books on Main Street, this Saturday from 11am – 1pm. Check out the write up in the VC Star about the event, and come out and enjoy an afternoon discussion about myth, history and love! local-author-launches-new-historical-romance-series    by

New Review up on Little Miss Drama Queens!

New Review up on Little Miss Drama Queens!

4.5 stars out of 5! Click below for the full review, but here are a few tidbits: You fall in love with the characters as they fall in love. But even from the beginning hearing both their stories I couldn’t help but caring and feeling for them. The descriptions are so beautifully written that it was like I was already familiar with them and their world. The Princess Of Sparta…Keep Reading

New Review Posted at the Historical Novel Society!

New Review Posted at the Historical Novel Society!

The Historical Novel Society is are a literary society devoted to promoting the enjoyment of historical fiction. They are based in the USA and the UK but welcome members (who can be readers or writers) from all round the world. Through print magazines, conferences, website, social media and through the dynamism of their membership they help bring the excitement of these novels to the widest audience. Find out about joining them here. THE PRINCESS OF SPARTA…Keep Reading