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The Princess of Prophecy: Heroes of the Trojan War, Vol II


“After finishing The Princess of Sparta, I was excited for the next installment of this series, and Cunningham doesn’t disappoint… Cunningham does an amazing job of weaving together historical events and giving them a human touch… Her characters are well developed and dynamic, and she has a talent for reinventing some of the most iconic historical figures, humanizing them, and turning them into relatable human beings.”

– Jessica Lynn, Chronicles of a Book Nerd.

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“This book is fantastic! It is the second book in a trilogy, but even though I had not read the first volume, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It has love and betrayal, suspense, murder, good and evil. It captured my interest and would not let me go. The writing is excellent, the dialogue believable, and the story captivating. I loved the book and I highly recommend it.”

– David Burnett, Kindle Book Reviews.



The Princess of Sparta: Heroes of the Trojan War, Vol I


“An engaging, romantic, harrowing story of forbidden love… Cunningham paints this popular story with an exquisite brush. Full of lustful suspense, a surprising amount of action, and a great re-imagining of history, I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone interested in a new look at Helen of Sparta.”

– BTS Book Reviews, June 2014 edition.

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The Princess of Sparta is the perfect blend of history, romance, and action giving this book a broader reach with readers. The characters come alive in this forlorn world of long ago as they share their joy, pain, and struggles. Once you pick this book up, there’s no turning back or putting it down!”

– Kim Heimbuch, Portland Book Review.

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The romance was sweet and classy, but yet equally powerful to match the epic by which this love tale is based on.  You will be sad to see it end so soon…

– Books Hug Back, Advance Reader Review:

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“The characters had depth and compassion. I will be honest in saying I started the read without much knowledge in regards to who Helen was, other than the woman who started a war. Now I feel like I have a greater appreciation for her and her struggle… I would, without a doubt, be interested in reading the entire series.”

– Delia Ryan, Wolf Majick Reviews

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“Because they are such likable characters, it makes the tragedy of their situation that much greater. These two really are soul mates. Watching them try to fight their fate and feel trapped by their situations in life, made for all the angsty goodness that is a well written romance novel. The passion between these lovers makes for some steamy, but tastefully done love scenes. I found myself completely lost in their story, and even though I know the outcome, I can’t help myself from hoping that maybe this time there could be a different ending for Helen and Paris.”

– Jessica Lynn, Chronicles of a Book Nerd

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“Aria Cunningham offers us a more historically plausible rendition than the “judgment of Paris.”… Perhaps the most fascinating facet of the novel is that it focuses on a lesser known aspect of Helen’s persona: the fact that she was the younger twin sister of Clytemnestra…  In the tradition of Mary Renault, the author has made age-old Greek myths new & fresh again. I can’t wait to delve into the rest of the series!”

– D. Roberts, MSU

“The Princess of Sparta tackles a unique setting, one that I have not seen used much in the romance genre. This made for a very refreshing historical romance that pulls readers from the typical Victorian England setting to the world of Greek mythology.”

– Tracy Farnsworth, Roundtable Reviews

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“The details in this book were absolutely amazing… The images in my head as I read were very vivid and I also found myself learning more about the history of it all.  The typical “forbidden love” story this was not, it was so much more than that… Great writing by a great new to me author!”

– Angie @ Angels Are Kids Blogspot

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“As a reader, I was left wanting to read the next book in Aria Cunningham’s series, so that I can see how she will flesh out this next part of their lives. Legend has taught us how this will end, but the Heroes of the Trojan War series promises to bring it to life for me.”

– Beth Turza, The Historical Novel Society

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“I enjoyed the author’s new take on Helen of Troy.  I was glad to read a version where she wasn’t blamed for the loss of Troy and said to be selfish.”

– Book Divas

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