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The Princess of Prophecy Book Cover

The Princess of Prophecy

Heroes of the Trojan War, Vol II

Join Helen and Paris in Volume II of their epic adventure.

The star-crossed lovers have escaped Mycenae, but they are not safe yet. Still in hostile waters, every port from the Greek mainland to the Old World presents a risk of exposure. The wrath of Menelaus and Agamemnon follows in their wake, but Helen keeps faith that her love for Paris is ordained, trusting to the prophecy of her childhood.

When the Fates force a costly detour to Egypt, Helen and Paris are placed at the mercies of the Egyptian crown and temple. Pharaoh is dying, and the line of succession is anything but secure. The pair soon find themselves embroiled in local politics, and the High Priest of Amun-Re, troubled by conflicting omens, takes a dangerous interest in the forbidden lovers. In order to escape the Two Lands, Paris and Helen will have to decide how many traditions they are willing to forsake in the name of love.

But the sands of the hourglass are running out. Clytemnestra, hell-bent on revenge, has hired a former sell-sword to retrieve her twin at all costs. Little does the queen know, this Scylax is a man conflicted, torn between his allegiance to, and hatred for, royalty. He is a raptor, and once his prey is in sight, he never misses…

Publisher:  Mythmakers Publishing

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The Princess of Sparta (Heroes of the Trojan War, #1)


The Princess of Sparta Book Cover

The Princess of Sparta

Heroes of the Trojan War, Vol I

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The true story behind the epic love that sparked the Trojan War and has captivated the world for 3,000 years…

Helen of Troy’s humble story began as a Princess of Sparta; honorable, loyal, with promise to become a powerful queen. Given in marriage to Menelaus of Mycenae, an abusive husband who neither wants nor needs her, she clings to a prophecy made to her about a great destiny, and even greater love.

That destiny awaits her in Paris, a noble prince of Troy, whose reputation for fairness and fortitude precedes him as an Ambassador. Unjustly cursed at birth by a dark omen claiming he will cause the destruction of Troy, Paris is an object of ridicule amongst the Trojan nobility. He is a man who has never known love.

Until the day the Fates intervene and Paris travels to Mycenae as an Ambassador of Troy. He meets Helen, and the bond of two souls linked by a common destiny is irresistible. He is drawn to the Spartan princess, and she to him. But with relations between their kingdoms under pressure, can the star-crossed lovers risk dishonor and war simply to follow their hearts?

See how the epic love story all began in Volume 1 of the 10 part series, Heroes of the Trojan War.

Publisher:  Mythmakers Publishing


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