5 Star Review for Princess of Prophecy – Kindle Book Reviews

The ARC reviews are rolling in… here is the latest 5 star feedback from the Kindle Book Reviews!

Not Homer’s Troy

“This is not a re-telling of Homer’s poem about Helen of Troy! In this story, Paris has rescued Helen from abuse at the hands of her husband and his brother, and he is taking her home, to Troy. A need for provisions forces them to dock in Egypt. The old Pharaoh is dying, two of his sons want to succeed him, members of the court are choosing sides, and Paris and Helen are drawn into the intrigue of the court.

This book is fantastic! It is the second book in a trilogy, but even though I had not read the first volume, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It has love and betrayal, suspense, murder, good and evil. It captured my interest and would not let me go. The writing is excellent, the dialogue believable, and the story captivating. I loved the book and I highly recommend it.”

– David Burnett for the Kindle Book Review.

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