First Review in for The Princess of Prophecy!

From blogger Jessica Lynn at Chronicles of a Book Nerd:

In Volume II of this saga, we follow the lovers as they make their escape from Mycenae to Troy. Desperate to make it there before Menelaus and Agamemnon can catch up with them, Paris and Helen find themselves in a precarious position when they are delayed in Egypt after attempting to stop for supplies. With the death of Pharaoh eminent, Paris and Helen find themselves caught up in battle for succession, local politics and traditions. Throw in a dash of sibling rivalry, a hired assassin, a power hungry king, and an empire on the brink of war, and you get the exciting tale that is The Princess of Prophecy…

Read her full review at: Chronicles of a Book Nerd – The Princess of Prophecy

Early consensus is saying this book is better than the first, meaning the tale is building in both quality and drama! I look forward to getting feedback from our other fans!

Chronicles of a Book Nerd

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